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la constancia

Founded in 1945, by trained personnel, a high knowledge in the sector. Our long experience and expertise allows us to master the keys to good raw materials and a full openness of our products on the market.


The quality and presentation of our products, coupled with our extensive presence in the domestic and international markets have created a saticfactoria reality and a promising future.


We work with the best domestic raw materials import, bottling with greater assurance of purity and submission, which positions us in the best market conditions.

All our products before, during and after being packaged, are subject to strict sanitary and hygienic quality, to ensure the safe use and acquisition of a product also guaranteed. Our large stocks of raw materials and speed of manufacture, together with the size of our sales network, will ensure flexibility in order.

That is why the Constancia team consists of a great staff, trained and ready to serve you with full warranty.